Monday, October 3, 2016

10/3 A day at Goose Pond in Scottsboro, AL

Goose Pond Colony Marina is such a nice place!
We did some boat chores this morning, three loads of laundry, filling the water tanks, washing down the boat, etc. 

In the afternoon, we took the courtesy car to downtown Scottsboro.  It is a lovely town with a quaint downtown area with cute shops.  We had lunch at Holy Smokes Barbecue.  It was locally owned and the family was running it.

Then we headed to a store that is a legend in the area.  I had heard about it first in Nashville and then again in Huntsville.  Started in the 1970's, Unclaimed Baggage Center buys baggage that has been reimbursed by the insurance companies and then resells it.  Unclaimed Baggage Center keeps one area as a museum and puts items on the wall with the history of the year it came in and descriptions.
Some of the more well known items were a huge emerald and a fabulous diamond.  They have a set of gold spoons in the Russian Orthodox style, where the spoons represented Jesus and each of the Apostles.  This boa snake skin was impressive. 
This 2002 Paul McCartney tour jacket had been signed by Paul McCartney, too.
Of course, they sold the luggage that items came in.  The collection of computers, Bose headsets, cell phones and watches were quite large.  There were fine jewelry items like a diamond necklace that was just gorgeous for $4300.00.  Some stuff was not so enticing but it was fun to look at it.  I did not get to be one of the people that open a piece of luggage for the first time.  I think that would have been fun.

Tomorrow, we will head up the Tennessee and anchor out for one night before we head to Chattanooga.  We are keeping a good eye on Hurricane Matthew even though we will not be home to greet him if he goes to Wilmington.

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