Wednesday, October 19, 2016

10/19 Rendezvous in full swing

The Rendezvous is in full swing.  It is so nice to see so many loopers that we have hopscotched with along the way.  There are many people who are just starting to plan their loop.  We were those folks in the Spring of 2015.  We signed up to be mentors and met the nicest planning loopers.  A special session was held before the big kick off meeting so we could guide them through the rendezvous, too.  They had many questions and I was surprised at how confident I felt answering their questions.

On Monday, a session was held where the loopers in progress introduced themselves and told a short story.  John told the story of our crossing of Lake Ontario and how he asked, "Are we Gloucestermen?" to break the tension.  He had everyone in the audience laughing, when he suggested that might not work.

We had the nicest thing happen to us.  This Giving Plate was given to us from our friends, the Busbys.  They knew we loved the cherries in Michigan and sent to Michigan to get the cherry jam and candies for us.  This plate has been passed from one boat to another with the boat names signed to go along with the plate.  How nice is this?  Now, to get ready to pass it on.

There are lots of good laughs and camaraderie.  I had to get a picture when our friend, Mike, walked his dog up to the pool.  Both Mike and the dog were wearing the same outfit.  Loopers show no mercy when a good laugh is to be had.

The classes and vendor displays are very good.  I particularly enjoyed the class on Crossing the Gulf without Drama.  The lecturer was so good, I know we will have a good crossing now.  There are lectures on what to see and do in Mobile, and along the Gulf Coast, and where to go in the east and west coast of FL and so much more.  I am ready to do it all. 

At the Ship's Store for AGLCA, I bought our gold burgee.  We can fly the gold burgee when we complete the loop.  I felt a little sad as I sat in the lecture for the east coast of FL.  Technically, because we bought the boat in Fort Lauderdale and cruised it home to NC, we will cross our wake in Fort Lauderdale.  But I want to wait, and do it officially in NC.  The time has just flown by.

Tonight, the Rogersville, Alabama Chamber of Commerce has a tour of horse stables, a polo match, dinner, and Muscle Shoals music.  It looks like  a fun evening.  Tomorrow, there are more classes and our boat will be on display on the Looper Crawl.  The Looper Crawl is a session where you can look for ideas on other people's boats. 

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