Friday, October 14, 2016

10/14 Guntersville, Alabama

Today, we took a short cruise down the Tennessee to Guntersville, Alabama.  There are somethings about cruising that I wish I could show you but can't seem to get good pictures.  Today, the butterflies were coming up to the boat and flying off.  The dragonflies would land and tease me by waiting until I got the cell phone and then fly away.  Big fish would splash without warning. 

Guntersville is at the southern most section of the Tennessee River.   It has a census of 8,200 and is the county seat of Monroe County.  We docked at the Guntersville dock.  It is a free dock with no electric or water but you can't beat the price.  The Columbus Ships, the Nina and Pinta, that we had seen at Green Turtle Bay and Ditto Landing are on the docks here, too.  They continue to draw a crowd. 

We were early enough to walk up town for lunch.  I love these small towns,  They are like reading a John Grisham novel.  The courthouse is in the center of town.  The attorney offices and bail bondsmen surround the courthouse.  We ate at a really good breakfast and lunch spot.  They close at 2:30 as business is over by then.  John walked back to the boat but I took advantage of being in town early and got a mani/pedi at the nail salon.

Did you know that Domino's delivers to boats?  Yes, they do.

It is getting dark early now.  Tonight, there is a full moon over Guntersville Harbor.
Lat 34 degrees 21.72 North
Long 86 degrees 17.41 West

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