Saturday, May 13, 2017

5/9-5/13 To Norfolk and then horrible weather on the Chesapeake

On Tuesday 5/9, we left Coinjock and headed North on the ICW.  There was one small lock that was less than a foot and a few bridges that we needed opened.   On the radio, the Navy announced that they would be doing " Warship Exercises".  Although the ships were out on the ocean and we could not see them, we did hear them.  The Navy also treated us to an airshow of sorts as the planes flew by and around overhead.  I have seen these quite a few times and it never gets old.

Eventually, the surroundings became much more industrial.  On the right, there were two ships being worked on.

We passed an empty dry dock.  A dry dock is immense.

The city of Norfolk prides itself on hosting the Navy. 
The city is doing some revitalization of the waterfront.  Throughout the city, they have decorated mermaids too.
We stayed at the Waterside Marina and the grand re-opening of the Waterside was scheduled for Thursday.
Last minute work was being done everywhere.  Only one of the restaurants was open yet.  We asked if we could stay Thursday night but the marina was going to be full.  One event was open early for a special event.  The Luminare was sections of blow ups that were filled with light shows as you go through.  It looked cool but I couldn't get in.

Guess, who we saw there?  Kim Russo.  Kim is the Director of AGLCA and we were honored to have her for docktails on our boat.  Kim was in Norfolk doing future planning.  It was so nice to visit with her.

At night, this family of otters climbed on the dock by the police and fire boats.  The whole otter family just piled on one another.  The picture is grainy but I didn't want to get too close or use too much light that would disturb them.

Wednesday 5/10-  In the morning, we walked to the USS Wisconsin and Nauticus Museum.  During WWII, there were over 2000 sailors on the vessel at once.  One is dwarfed by the magnitude of this boat.  The boat tour was fascinating. 

The museum had many exhibits of Naval history in the United States as well as information about the seas, tsunamis, sharks, etc.  It was  a great take in.  Along the waterfront, there was this statue of a sailor being welcomed home.

Often, I am asked how normal shore chores get done.  I called ahead and had a 2 pm hair appointment.  The stylist is from the upper Chesapeake and her husband is stationed in Norfolk in the Navy.  In the  afternoon, there was a very unusual strong rainbow in the water.

Thursday 5/11- What a miserable day!!  Our plan was to go to Deltaville, VA about 59 miles.  Leaving Norfolk, we passed buoy 36, which is Mile Marker 0 and one end of the ICW.
We headed north up the river towards the Chesapeake which is about 9 miles away.  When we got to the Chesapeake, there was a chop in the water but not too bad.  We decided to forge on.  BIG MISTAKE.  The winds increased out of the east and east north east.  It wasn't good.  Eventually, we had to turn a little more to the west.  Now is was horrible.  The rains came.  The waves themselves were not so high but the chop was miserable.  The wind increased too.  We bounced around like a cork in a washing machine.  To top it off, the Raymarine at the lower helm kept cutting out searching for data master.  John was amazing going up top on the flybridge to fix it.  On the other hand, I was useless.  When the box of wine flew off the counter onto the floor, I was amazed it didn't break and send wine everywhere.

Eventually, we arrived at Doziers in Deltaville.  It was about 2:30 when we docked in the wind and rain.  We were beat up.  We carefully opened every cabinet.  Yes, contents had shifted!  The boat was rocking at the dock too.  We both took naps and showers but that was it for the day.

Friday 5/12- The rain and winds have not subsided.  It was time for chores.  Two loads of laundry and lots of little tasks needed to be done.  I found a screw that had worked its way loose yesterday and fixed that too.  The salt needed to be washed off all the windows.  After lunch, we took the loaner car into Deltaville.  It is a really small town.  They have a hardware store that sells clothing, nautical knick knacks, boat supplies and everything else you would expect in a well stocked hardware store.  I got the stretchy line I needed for the dinghy cover and a package of nautical napkins.  We browsed Nauti Nells.  This is a boat consignment store and nautical gift store, with hand made wooden mermaids.   For a late lunch, we went to The Table.  We had their food last year and loved it.  John has been talking about their meatloaf for a year.  We got a meatloaf we can cook on the boat, some eggplant parm, and some yummy pastries for the boat.  Our last stop was at the grocery store.  As it was still raining and windy, the next activity was a nap.

Saturday 5/13- Deltaville is starting to feel like home.  The winds have shifted but are still high.  Of course, the rain has not stopped yet either.  There are still small craft warnings.  The Deltaville Seafood Festival is today.  I hope the rain will slow down some so they will be able to have some good turn out.   There is a shuttle bus that will take us from the marina. 

Our plan is to go to up the Potomac next when we get a weather window.  We would like to be in National Harbor next weekend. 

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