Monday, May 8, 2017

5/8 Across the Albemarle Sound to Coinjock.

The morning was bright and sunny but cool.  We left the Alligator River to head across the Albemarle Sound.  I am so glad that we waited for the winds to die down.  It was a beautiful trip across the sound.  We had heard reports of those that didn't wait and how uncomfortable their trip had been.  The sound is very pretty but wide open.  I can only imagine what it would be like in a hurricane.

We entered the North River that leads to the Virginia Cut.  We stopped in Coinjock, NC.  The marina here is a long face dock in front of the Coinjock Restaurant.  When you make your reservation for dinner, they ask if you are going to have the prime rib.  The prime rib choices are the Captains Cut, 32 ounces or the First Mate Cut 16 ounces.  I ordered the mate cut.  It is tender and mouth watering.  I have enough left over for two lunches.  Yum!

Tomorrow, we will head north up the Virginia Cut to the base of the Chesapeake.

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