Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5/13-5/16 Living in Deltaville and being published

Saturday 5/13 the rain finally stopped but it was cold and windy for the seafood festival.  I took the Deltaville Shuttle up to the Seafood Festival.  I could not pass up fresh cold oysters and ice cream.  The band was good but I had to keep walking to stay warm.  I bought a crab pot pie and some scones for meals on Sunday.  I learned some Deltaville/Chesapeake History.  Stingray Point just down the road was named by Captain John Smith because he got a stingray barb in him there.  Luckily, he recuperated.

Sunday morning, the winds were down and as forecasted picked up and overnight were back up in the 25-30 range.  We had the scones for breakfast and I had the crab pot pie for lunch.  Yum.

Monday 5/15, the winds finally showed signs of slowing down in the afternoon.  The waves on the Rappahonnack began to recede.  Up and down the docks everyone was making plans for finally traveling on Tuesday.  John and I made one last run into Deltaville.  Deltaville is home to the Waterway Guides and Skipper Bob Publications.   If you are a boater you own at least one, we had many on the loop and still have some.  In January, I got an email from Ted Stehle, saying they were updating the Skipper Bob book for the Trent Severn and asking if he could use my blog picture of the entrance to the Trent Severn Waterway.  I was honored and said yes.  We were in the same plaza as the Waterway Guide and John said let's go in and see if new edition was out and if my picture was in it.  Well, the 17th edition is out and my picture is on page 17 with credits too.

So now I am a published photographer!!!   They were so nice and gave us a copy to keep.

Tuesday 5/16-  It was worth the wait.  We were the last boat off the dock and we left at 6:45.  The winds were under 5 and the Chesapeake was calm.  It was a bright, sunny day.  All last year I could never get a good picture of the iconic lighthouses on the Chesapeake.  Finally, I got these fine picture of the Smith Point Lighthouse.

Our goal was to head up the Potomac.  It was such a fine day we decided to keep going.  On the Maryland side, we passed St. Clements, Maryland has a replica lighthouse and a large cross that was erected to commemorate religious freedom.
We made a planned stop for the night at Captain John's Crab Shack and Marina.  It really is a restaurant with docks in front but it has good wifi and electricity.  The draw here is the crabs.  I did myself proud.  I got a dozen of the smalls.  It took me a long time to pick them but I got every piece of crab meat there was to be had.  They were good.

Tomorrow, we are planning to anchor near Mt. Vernon.  We will tour Mt. Vernon on Thursday.  Sounds like fun.

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