Friday, April 29, 2016

April 29 Neuse River

This morning was cool with a foggy mist.  We ran from inside the cabin most of the day.  The Neuse River had to be crossed.  The wind was coming smartly up the river from the ocean.  The provided us with 2 foot waves, sometimes more, for the entire transit.  Transderm Scop patches are my friends.   I normally don't use them but when crossing sounds and large choppy rivers, I just feel so much better. And in the next two days we will cross Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds.

This section of the ICW is known as Goose Creek.  John researched this calm anchorage, Campbell Bay.  There is not a house in sight.  To get there, you take a left off the ICW and follow some markers left by the locals.  Dodging crab pots as you go!!!  Apparently, the thought of putting them in a straight line has not caught on here.  We are tucked in for the night.  Want to know specifically where we are?  Our lat long is 35 degrees 17.14 minutes North and 76 degrees 37.27 minutes West.

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