Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 28 Morehead City

Today, is our eldest daughter, Christine's birthday.  We are happy to be celebrating her today.

Yesterday, I promised more pictures. 
First is a final shot of our weathervane at home.  It was on John's house growing up.  The sky was blue with fair winds.

Bonnie, from UNCW, made a special trip to the boat on Tuesday night to make sure we had our shirts for the loop.  Bonnie joined us as we cracked open a bottle of champagne and celebrated.  The shirts make us look pretty dapper. 

After pictures on the bow Wednesday morning, we headed north.

John's colleagues took this picture of the Hydrophilic underway waiting for the Wrightsville Beach Bridge.

It was a beautiful day for cruising.  Nature just surrounds us.  We saw a Mommy dolphin with her baby and too many osprey sitting on their nests to count. The ospreys build nests right on the markers on the ICW.  Ospreys come in many varieties and we saw them all.  The bird type below in the picture, the Osprey Military Helicopters, and even a sailboat named Osprey.

Last night we anchored in Mile Hammock Bay on the edge of Camp Lejeune.  Our new Rocna anchor held beautifully in a pretty stiff wind.  I love this new anchor and have so much confidence in it.  There is an app for telling if your anchor drags and we used it but didn't move at all.  The app is called Drag Queen, so don't anyone take offense, it is just the name of a very helpful app.

We headed out this morning so we were going through Camp Lejeune.  I love the signs they post.  Red lights flash if there is any live firing.   We didn't see any live firing but there were explosives going off.  The reverberations we strong even on the boat and I know we were no where near them.  The concussive force is amazing.

Morehead City is our stop for the night at a marina.  The forecast was for heavy rains to start by now but they haven't.  Morehead is known for some good restaurants so next job is to choose which one we are going to try.


  1. You both look great! Enjoy your awesome journey! See you in NY harbor!

  2. The weathervane seems to have set John's course early on! As I vicariously live through you, Morehead City is a favorite East Coast location of mine, looking forward to reading more! Keep writing Ann Marie and happy belated birthday Christine.