Saturday, April 30, 2016

4/30 North Alligator River

Last night, I posted before sunset, but I had to share this picture from our anchorage.  We had the anchorage all to ourselves.

Our journey today started as we crossed the Pamlico Sound.  It was much calmer than the Neuse River.  The sounds and rivers in this part of NC are relatively shallow.  Because of that, when the wind kicks up, even a little, they can get very choppy.  From there we entered the Pungo River that led to the Pungo Alligator Canal.  The Pungo Alligator Canal was the last part of the Atlantic ICW completed.  As you can see from the picture below, they must have had one goal in mind, keep it straight and get it done.  It is perfectly straight as far as the eye can see.
North Carolina is known for its pine forests.  Here along the Pungo Alligator Canal, you can smell the pines that line the canal.
That led us to the Alligator River, where the wind started to blow and it got choppy.  The hardest part is dodging crab pots.  They are everywhere!!   In NC, there is no law that says crab pots must run North South or East West.  The result is a free for all. 

We are tucked in to the Alligator River Marina just north of the Alligator River Swing Bridge.  Swing bridges are disappearing, being replaced by high span bridges.  This one does something unusual; it opens on demand for all boats.  So my polite albeit queenly request for an opening was met with, "just keep coming, I'll have it open for you."   And he did.  Thank you, bridge tender.  Last year, we were at anchor near here and were invaded by Fuzzy Bills.  Look back in this blog for story of that infestation.

Hummingbirds on the loop?   Yes, there are.  This marina has a hummingbird feeder and John took this fabulous photo.  How is that for cool?
Tomorrow, we cross the Albemarle Sound to Elizabeth City, which will head us to the Dismal Swamp.  The Albemarle is know to be choppy and, if our experience last year hasn't changed, filled with crab pots to avoid.

Good Night from
Lat 35 degrees 54.35 minutes North
Long 76 degrees 1.76 minutes West

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