Thursday, June 8, 2017

6/4 to 6/8 Red Sox, Havre de Grace, and Rock Hall

Sunday 6/4, Alicia picked up John and me and we went to St. Leo's in the Italian district for Mass.  It was so fabulous.  Parts of the Mass were said in Italian, too.  We met another couple there who were from Connecticut and in town for the Red Sox game too.  After Mass, we prepared for the game.  I wanted to be dressed appropriately in my throwback Yastrzemski shirt.

Catherine, Stephen, Madeline, Sarah and John Backmeyer joined with Alicia and us at the game.
It was a good game and the Sox won.  Our grandson, John sat between John and I.  He kept hoping they would feature us on the Kiss Cam so he would be in the middle of our kiss.  After the game, children 4-14 are invited to run the bases.  What a great idea!   I wished that they let Grandmas run the bases too.  I missed a picture of John but got one of Madeline and Sarah. 

We all went out to dinner on the inner harbor.  After dinner, we said our good byes, it was a great day to be with family.

On Monday 6/5, we departed Baltimore.  We passed Fort McHenry on the way out of the harbor. 
Further along just before the Francis Scott Key Bridge, there is a buoy that is red, white and blue.
It is placed where the ship was that Key was on when he saw "that our flag was still there".  He had been on a British ship in negotiations with the British during the battle.  It is the only buoy colored like that and is maintained by the Coast Guard since 1914.

We headed north to Havre de Grace and its lighthouse.
This is as far north as we will go on this trip.  Havre de Grace is at the mouth of the Susquehanna River.  The Susquehanna flows 444 miles to arrive in the Chesapeake.   This is a picture looking across the mouth of the river. 
This area became known for duck hunting, oystering and crabbing.  It became the duck decoy capital.  Havre de Grace has a large decoy museum.  There are more types of decoys than I ever imagined.   The area is full of wildlife though.  I saw this huge raven, this butterfly,  and this Canada goose.

On our dock was this large heron that didn't even flinch when I went to take its picture. 

Havre de Grace is a very nice little town with lovely shops and excellent restaurants.  We found John on St. John Street.
La Cucina Restaurant had amazing Italian food.  It is not often that one sees osso buco on a menu and it was so good.  So was the cannoli for dessert.  One of the nights, I got ice cream for dessert.

On 6/7, we headed to Rock Hall on the eastern shore of Maryland.  This is a waterman town with more boats than people.   There are several murals in town and this one is dedicated to the work of the watermen.
  There is a tiny self-guided watermen museum with this figure of a waterman. 
Walking around this town, I saw this osprey on a telephone pole.
I was so startled that I missed the picture of the two deer that crossed the street right in front of me.  Rock Hall has two trams that circle town from 11 am to 8 pm.  The trams go down to the beach, up town, and to all the marinas for $1.  The price is right.  This has been a very pleasant stop too. 

Tomorrow, we plan to head further south to St. Michaels.

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