Saturday, June 3, 2017

5/29 to 6/3 Oh Captain, My Captain

After leaving St. Mary's, we headed to Annapolis and then on to Baltimore.  It has been lots of fun and so interesting but the best part has been visiting my daughter Alicia in Baltimore.  She is a Captain with the Water Taxi and Harbor Connector in Baltimore.  Last night, John and I took one of her boats to Fells Point for dinner and back to our marina.  Here is a great picture of Captain Alicia and a Water Taxi boat.

We had decided to come back to the Chesapeake because the weather last year was so rainy and foggy. Finally, on our way to Annapolis and Baltimore, we have seen the iconic lighthouses, 

Smith Point Lighthouse

Point No Point Lighthouse

Screwpile Lighthouse

Thomas Point Lighthouse
At Annapolis, we took a mooring ball in the harbor.  The US Naval Academy was along the harbor on the right.  While we were there, sometimes we took the dinghy to shore, but they also have small water taxis that will come to the mooring ball and shuttle you ashore.  So we did both.  Annapolis is the state capital of Maryland.  It is a huge boating community with lots to see and do.  There is a small canal where people cruise their boats to see and be seen.  It is called Ego Alley.  There is lots of activity.  To be safe, we took the dinghy down Ego Alley.  The Maryland State House is in the background of this picture of our dinghy captain.

We live near a Mission Barbeque in Wilmington.  They all have smoker trucks to take to events.  I loved it that the Mission BBQ in Annapolis has a boat instead.  The boat name is Sea Brisket.

The State Building was fun to tour.  It served as the US Capital and George Washington resigned his commission there. 
Maryland State House

Maryland Senate Chambers
The next day, I toured the US Naval Academy.  The tour was fascinating.  It outlined the requirements for admission and the requirements to graduate.  You do not have to swim to get in but you have to swim and be able to jump off a 33 foot diving board to graduate.  More astronauts have graduated from the Naval Academy, then any other university.  There are about 200 slots each year for naval enlisted men and women.  The buildings are very ornate.  These pictures are from the building where all the midshipmen eat their meals.

Everyone told me to make sure that I saw the chapel.  Most of the glass windows are Tiffany stained glass.

John Paul Jones in buried in a crypt on the lower level.

Next, we headed to Baltimore.  Last year, when we went under the Francis Scott Key Bridge, we were using our radar.  This year, we had a really nice day.  Here is the bridge not in fog.

We arrived in Baltimore earlier than expected.  To our surprise, Alicia was on the dock to catch our lines.  She had been exercising in her gym and saw us enter the harbor and ran all the way to the docks.  It is so good to have good dock help.  It was a beautiful day, so I took a chance and walked up to Camden Yards.  I was able to get tickets to that night's Red Sox game.  The seats were pretty good.
Unfortunately, the Sox lost.
The next morning, Alicia took us on a provisioning run in her car.  We bought heavy stuff.  She had lunch with us before she left to go to work.  We are a short walk from the National Visionary Arts Museum.  The art there is very unusual.  Even the outside of the three reclaimed factory buildings are decorated.

One of the art pieces, Miss Divine, had been moved to a venue for the Baltimore Historical Society event.  Alicia volunteered at the event and took a really nice picture with Miss Divine.  I was not dressed as snazzy as she was but did have my picture taken with Miss Divine.
This morning is Saturday and Alicia asked me to join her at one of the free exercise sessions that Baltimore does on the waterfront.  It was a strong workout and we were proud of ourselves when we finished.  We came back to the boat for coffee and breakfast. 

Tomorrow, Alicia and Catherine and her gang are joining us for the Red Sox game.  The family that roots together stays together.  Go Sox.

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