Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I am melting

We are in the throes of a heat wave!   Temperatures in the high 90's and humid.  Heat indices are in the 105 range.  John and I kept refilling each other's water bottles and encouraging each other to drink more water.    Very little breeze on the boat despite our path across two sounds.   We started our day crossing the mouth of the Neuse River.  Some breeze here, so it was understandable that so many sailboats call this area home.  The Neuse is very wide, much wider than the Cape Fear River back home in Wilmington.   It was fun to use the "go to" function on the Raymarine for the first time.    We headed into Goose Creek.  We saw this beautiful sailboat heading south.

The pine forests in NC are impressive and for today's journey we saw pine forests that led to pine forests.  So stunning outlining the water.

Give me an A for effort because I keep trying to get pictures of dolphins but mostly get pictures of water where dolphins used to be.  This was a pod of several dolphins.  I got the one on the left but if you use your imagination you can see where the others disturbed the water going back down.

We crossed the Pamlico River with some light chop but not much breeze.  The day kept getting hotter.  We choose a marina to dock for the night purely on the fact that it had a pool and the ones closer to town did not.  So we pulled into Dowry Creek Marina, got the electrical hooked up, started the air conditioning, and headed for the pool.   We were so hot and so was the pool.  The water temperature was 88 degrees and they were trying to add cold water.  A bit more refreshed, we headed to the boat to the sound of thunder.  And it poured.  But it helped to cool things off some.  So we had pork steaks and beans for supper.  

I sleep very well on a boat.  I think it is the gentle swaying but I will go to bed early tonight.

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