Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Airplanes and Boats

Today we bid farewell to Manteo.  We went out that tricky approach I spoke of the other day and did not get stuck on the sand bar.  We rounded Manteo on the north end and could see the set of the Lost Colony from the sound.  That was a great take in.
 We crossed the south of Albemarle Sound and headed back south into the Alligator River and the Pungo Alligator Canal. 

It was a pleasant day, warm but a breeze and we were just enjoying the peace and the smell of the marshes and pine forests when...  ROAR  what felt like barely above our heads came military aircraft doing maneuvers. 

The sight was awe inspiring, especially in light of having visits the Wright Brothers Memorial yesterday.  

We also passed a gold looper boat that was headed north.  A gold looper has earned the right to fly the AGLCA Gold Burgee.  That means they have completed the Great Loop once.

Dowry Creek Marina was our stop for the night.  They have a really nice pool and while we were relaxing in the water, we saw three military planes escorting a very large jet.  It looked like Air Force One.  It was another cool thing to see but I missed the photo op.  

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